What's The Difference Between Normal Age Gap Relationship and Arrangement Relationship?

arrangement relationship

Nowadays, there are different types of romantic relationships that people can be involved in and some of them are normal age relationship and arrangement relationship. Although these two kinds of relationships have some degrees of similarities, it is vital to note that they are different in so many ways. Besides, the challenges that people deal with in these relationships are also often different. This article will explain the major difference between normal age and arrangement relationship.

Definition of normal age gap relationship and arrangement relationship

In simple terms, the normal age gap relationship refers to a form of relationship in which an older man is dating a younger woman. In some other cases, it may be an older woman dating a younger man. However, the age difference between the two parties involved can be small or big.

Arrangement relationship, on the other hand, usually involves an older man that is looking for a younger woman to date. In this case, the older man is known as a sugar daddy whereas the younger woman is called a sugar baby. An arrangement relationship is a part of an age-gap relationship.

Generally, arrangement dating is sometimes referred to as sugar dating. It is more mutually beneficial to all the parties involved in the relationship.

Difference in intentions

It is worthwhile to understand that age gap relationships are usually serious in many instances. That is, the two parties involved are comfortable around each other and may want to build a lasting relationship. Also, there is an array of expectations that each party involved may consider.

However, an arrangement relationship is different as everyone knows what they can expect from the relationship. In general, an arrangement relationship is casual as both parties are only concerned about the superficial gains that they are expecting. Basically, the younger woman wants to receive money and other benefits such as holiday packages, education, apartments, gifts, connections, and lots more. Otherwise, the older man is looking for an avenue to get sexual and/or emotional satisfaction from the younger woman.

As a result of this, the expectations in an arrangement relationship are already pre-defined. There is a likelihood of having any form of confusion is greatly reduced as everyone knows what they are looking for in the relationship. Nonetheless, this is not usually the same in a normal age gap relationship where everyone may come with different intentions.

Fun and adventures

The main rationale behind an arrangement relationship is for two individuals to have as much fun and adventures as possible. Therefore, it is not strange that an arrangement relationship is more fun-filled and adventurous than a normal age gap relationship.

Factually, fun and adventures are parts of the terms of some younger women for accepting an arrangement relationship. They will go as far as indicating the kind of adventurous activities that they want to be involved in and exotic places they want to visit. And since the older men are usually richer, it is often easy for them to finance such adventures and fun.

However, a typical age gap relationship may not leave room for so much fun and adventure. This is because both partners may not even be financially capable of spending on lots of fun-filled activities. Besides, the partners in a normal age gap relationship may still be at a stage where they spend the majority of their time working to make ends meet. Therefore, it may not be feasible for them to finance these fun and adventures.


The age gap relationship is usually established on the basis of love, whether it is real or not. In other words, the parties involved are looking for someone to love and share a great time with. Also, the parties involved in an age gap relationship may be interested in building a future together.

Nonetheless, an arrangement relationship does not have any form of love. Both parties are only looking for sexual, emotional, or financial benefits that come with the relationship. Hence, love is not a subject of discussion or concern in this type of relationship.

Issues around monogamy

In a normal age gap relationship, both parties usually expect exclusivity. That is, each party wants to be the only person that their partner is seeing at that particular time. Even if there will be a change in such an agreement, both parties will have to come to a consensus on it. As a result of this, the parties involved will normally not be comfortable with polygamy as they are both focused on monogamy.

When it comes to arrangement relationships, there is no such thing as monogamy. Both parties know that they are doing it for fun and the mutual benefits involved. Therefore, they do not usually have any issue with one of the parties seeing another person.

Lots of the older men involved in an arrangement relationship have wives or live-in partners that they try to hide this relationship from. Similarly, the younger woman can also have a partner that may or may not know anything about the arrangement relationship. In some situations, a single person may be involved in more than one arrangement relationship. Resultantly, such a relationship is open to different forms of polygamy.

Ease of engagement

Whether the relationship is starting online or offline, an arrangement relationship is often quicker and easier to start as long as both parties are interested in the relationship. This could be because most rich older men involved are only concerned about the physical look of the person whereas the younger women are usually focused on the financial capability of the men. Once they ascertain these qualities, they can go ahead with the relationship.

However, a typical age gap relationship is different in this sense. The parties will likely want to know about several factors concerning their potential partners. Consequently, they may spend some periods learning about each other before they start the relationship. But this is not so for arrangement relationships.


If you have ever been in an age gap relationship, you would agree that most breakups usually come with tons of heartbreaks for one or both of the parties. This is because of the love that is expected to exist between the parties concerned. In lots of cases, marriages may even come into the picture. Therefore, whenever they have to break up after so much physical and emotional investments in the other person, it can be devastating for one or both parties.

However, the reverse is the case for the arrangement relationship. Since both parties don't necessarily love each other and are only concerned about the gains, they tend to break up without any heartbreak. Even if the financial or sexual benefits will stop, they both don't have lots of expectations. Hence, both parties can part ways easily and move on with their lives.

In conclusion, this article has shown you the major typical differences between an age gap relationship and an arrangement relationship. However, it is a must to understand that no particular relationship is better than the other. Everything is down to your specific needs and preferences. So, if you feel a kind of relationship is best for you, don't hesitate to look for a partner that is comfortable with it and start enjoying the benefits it can provide.

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